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Best efforts are being made to keep our expenses low, However there are real costs to launching Northport's first ever PRIDEFEST. Your contributions are greatly appreciated to help defray these expenses. Here's how you can help! 


We accept contributions through Venmo (Paypal coming soon!) Scan the QR Codes on this page and contribute to make history with Northport PRIDEFEST!

All contributors are listed on our honor roll, reflected here on the website and our social media posts, as well as on our press advisories. 

Underwrite a Pride Flag

The village has allocated multiple locations to display the various flags that represents the diverse LGBTQ+ communities.

However, we must provide the flags plus the clips for attaching the flags

We want to make sure every LGBTQ+ community is represented, so we seek to acquire various “umbrella” versions of the traditional rainbow flag.

  • Traditional rainbow Pride flag

  • Gilbert Baker Pride flag

  • Progress (trans) Pride flag

  • Inclusive Progress Pride flag

  • Queer Pride flag

Help us to do that by contributing $100 per flag. Your money allows us to pay for the flag, the metal clips and shipping

Or underwrite all five versions of the flags at $500.


We are seeking to sell 20 flags in total.


Volunteer Tee Shirts

We seek a contribution to underwrite fifty (50) tee shirts to be worn by our volunteers at Pridefest in the Park.

On average the tee shirts will cost about $17.99 each.

Your contribution of $900 will cover 100% of the cost for these shirts.

*Note* we are using a local Northport vendor to order these tee shirts 


Music/ Entertainment

Help us entertain you! We must fill three hours with musical entertainment. We would appreciate contributions to help defray the cost of the DJ, sound system, and additional entertainment. The more we collect, the more entertainment we can offer.


Help us Decorate!

We are designing the park as a pre tea event. Your contributions will help us to create signs, banners, and balloon arches. 

*Note* the village has a regulation against regular balloons* 


Help us Celebrate at the After Party Tea!

Location and details TBD, but feel free to contribute :) 

Pridefest Flag Raising


Thanks for Your Contribution

Thank You For Your Support

Kristine Knight

Gabrielle Lusso

Mark & Nora Nolan

Malcolm Farley

Joe Schramm

Mark Fornes

Meghan Dolan

Steve Lohlein

Bennett Weiss

Susan Dittrich

Janice Mullee

Katharina Buczek

Jack Ebert

Andrianna Kaimis

David Lacagina

Matt Weichner

Eric Rubin-Perez

John Rubin-Perez

Beth Katzmaier

Christine Ruggeri

Barbara Bolen

Arbi Asadourian

Ethan Lee

Terry Pace

Paul Stankiewicz

Lindsay Ostrander

Mary Ellen Moll

Donna Moschella

Chris Robinson

Sadie Callaghan

Einstein's Attic

Tiffany Asadourian

Matt Graz

John Makofske

Susan Gibney

Flemming Hansen

April Heyman

James Graziano

Joanne Pitfick

Janet Ambrosio

Sarah Anderson

Joseph Milizio

Gwendolyn Busterna

Janae Ciszek

Katerina Duarte

Patricia Naples

Ethan Soda

John Daniello

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